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The District Administration Leadership Institute proudly presents an exclusive opportunity to host our acclaimed Principal Leadership Academy (PLA) in your district.

Why Choose PLA?

Transform your School’s Leadership

The District Administration Leadership Institute has reimagined its Principal Leadership Academy (PLA) for today's school district leaders, emphasizing equitable opportunities for all students. By bringing PLA to your doorstep, we offer a tailored, impactful professional learning experience that not only refreshes and challenges leadership skills but also fosters a nationwide network of educational leaders.

Taylored Content

Tailored sessions are designed to specifically target and tackle the unique leadership hurdles and aspirations you may have.

Expert Led Instruction

Learn valuable insights and strategies from seasoned educators who have effectively transformed their schools, paving the way for improved learning environments and student success.

Convenience and Flexibility

No need to worry about travel arrangements! We conveniently bring the academy directly to your location, offering flexibility to schedule sessions that align perfectly with your availability.

Customized Training

What to Expect from PLA

The DALI team will work with you on a customized on-site PLA plan to suit your budget, timeline, and specific needs. We will build your cohort, and set dates for anything from a 1-day session to a multi-day program.








Creating and sustaining a positive, inclusive school climate and culture.


Understanding and optimizing organizational structures for improved outcomes.


Leading instructional change that ensures equitable learning opportunities.

Bring the Principal Leadership Academy to Your School

Empower your educational leaders with a transformative professional learning experience tailored to your school’s unique needs. Register your interest today and join the ranks of schools nationwide that are turning possibilities into probabilities for all students.

Marcus Alejandro, CEO

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