What is the DA Leadership Institute?

The mission of the District Administration Leadership Institute (DALI) is to provide cutting-edge professional development to school district superintendents and other senior education executives to inspire innovation and leadership excellence in K12 education.

This mission is accomplished through top-tier live events focused on intensive networking and collaboration with innovative solution providers, and through engagement in virtual communities to promote ongoing discussion, debate, and the sharing of professional resources and leadership initiatives.

Participation Opportunities:

District Administration Online

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Membership Application

Here are the benefits you will receive by joining the District Administration Leadership Institute:

  • Attendance at one Superintendents Summit per school year
  • Membership in the District Administration Leadership Institute online community
  • Subscription to The District, the Institute’s monthly newsletter
  • Membership on District Administration’s Advisory Panel
  • Access to session videos from our summit meetings for your reference, and to use in your district’s leadership development
  • Invitation to DA receptions at selected national conferences (when available)
  • A Special Note From Executive Director Randall Collins:

    The District Administration Leadership Institute provides professional development opportunities that will help you increase education excellence in your school district. The DA Leadership Institute invites outstanding superintendents to join its ranks, and upon acceptance of your application, you will have all of the advantages the Institute offers.

    Please contact me personally if I can assist in discussions with your school board about the costs and benefits of membership in the institute. I am glad to send a letter of introduction to your board chair as a way of recognizing your selection and accomplishments, and to explain how the DA Leadership Institute will help your school district advance in its mission of education success. Thank you, and I hope to see you soon at an upcoming Summit.