Dr. Robert Avossa joined LRP Media Group in March of 2018 as Senior Vice President – after 25 years in public education. Robert’s portfolio includes: District Administration (DA) magazine and DA Leadership Institute, DA National Superintendent Academy, DA National CIO Academy, CIO Summits, CAO Summits, University Business (UB) magazine, UBTECH, Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), National Special Education Institute, School Attorney’s, and all the books, trainings, eLearning, and newsletters that are produced for educators at LRP Media Group.

Robert Avossa was School Superintendent of Palm Beach County 2015-2018. The District is the 10th in the country with a student enrollment of approximately 200,000 students. The annual budget exceeds $2.6 billion and the District is the largest employer in Palm Beach County with over 21,000 employees.

Prior to joining Palm Beach County Schools, Avossa served as Superintendent of the Fulton County for 4 years (2011)-2015. Avossa was responsible for 96,000 students, 101 schools, 14,000employees, and a $1.4 billion dollar budget.

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