Mike Kleba has been invited to speak about and work in educational leadership across the globe. A public high school English teacher and theatre director for more than 20 years, he serves as co-leader of the NYEdTech Meetup (the nation’s largest Edtech organization) and sits on the SXSW EDU Advisory Board. Interested in courage and vulnerability, he’s run the NYC Marathon, gone hang-gliding in Brazil and bungee jumping in New Zealand, and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kleba is the co-author of the newly released Otherful: How To Change the World (and Your School) Through Others (2020), an earnest and irreverent field manual about the tectonic power of great superintendents, principals, and other school leaders.

Leaders Don’t Lead

What happens in a master class for leaders? Who trains the boss? Whether you are a c-level executive, a founder, a superintendent/principal, a coach, or a manager, you work in the relationship business. Join expert teachers Miles and Kleba in this energizing and entertaining workshop as they challenge you to reframe the very fundamentals of what you do as a leader.