Kenneth is the Chief Information Technology Officer for the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD).  He has more than 20 years’ experience in leading complex IT service delivery organizations and leveraging IT resources to assist K-12 organizations in achieving organizational goals.  Kenneth is most noted for enhancing the educational environment by working with stakeholders are different levels recommending, managing, and validating the appropriate technology resources and enterprise systems to facilitate learning while improving student performance by utilizing the appropriate technology tools and processes.

Driving A Successful Organizational Cultural Shift: “Manual or Automatic”

Regardless of the size of the organization, there are key considerations required in reference to the speed and frequency of change when realigning, reorganizing or implementing changes within a newly designed or seasoned technology organization.  Liken to a transmission in an automobile, decisions must be made as to when you shift automatically or for the leader to conduct manual shifts/decisions based on the current state of the department and organization.  There are key soft and hard skills required to ensure the overall success and operational efficiency for the department and the organization.  Critical to these decisions are in-depth assessments of the skills, assessment of resources and support of the current staff and senior staff.  Two critical components are ownership and buy-in from key players and the support of key departments and senior members of the organization.   When the expectations of and deliverable of internal and external stakeholders are managed it provides for a opportunity for success.  This component alone will either hinder or compliment your effort.