Julie Evans is a National thought leader, researchers and advocate for the implementation of innovative learning environments in K-12 education. She has special expertise in the role of digital tools, content and resources to transform teaching and learning experiences. She has considerable accomplishments in developing innovative national and regional education reform programs and new research methodologies for evaluating the impact of emerging technologies.

The CIO’s New Role in Addressing the Chalkboard Challenge in America’s Classrooms

The CIO’s role and responsibilities today extend far beyond the server room.  When thinking about the role of technology in the learning imperative of America’s schools, the emerging role of the district CIO as an agent of education transformation is more important than ever.  Given a unique perspective on the value of technology, a new role for the CIO involves addressing how digital content, tools and resources are used effectively (or are not) to support enhanced teaching and learning.  In this interactive two-part session, we will explore the realities of technology use within the classroom by closely examining the authentic feedback of K-12 students, teachers, parents and administrators and then use those insights to frame the current challenges and potential leadership role of the CIO in influencing and impacting the learning experiences of students.