Quynh Trueblood

Quynh Trueblood

Quynh Trueblood currently serves as the Superintendent of Kohler School District near Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.  Ms. Trueblood’s professional work focuses on attaining high student achievement and cultivating learning environments in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in education.  A few achievements include recognition as a National Blue Ribbon district, Top 100 Music Education Community in the nation, and Wisconsin’s #1 Report Card for public school districts.

Ms. Trueblood leads with four beliefs: every child deserves a world-class education; every educator deserves empowerment to prepare students for the future; professional learning communities sustain innovation and creativity; and family and community engagement are essential supports. Through a shared vision and meaningful collaboration, we can ensure all students are future-ready and prepared to contribute by applying critical thinking skills, high ethics, and innovation in a dynamic global society.  Together, we can learn and grow. 

Ms. Trueblood holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Ms. Trueblood is a doctoral candidate in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee.

Ms. Trueblood and her husband joyfully raise their son and daughter who are healthy, happy, and thriving.  They are to each other loyal fans and enthusiastic cheerleaders.  Their spare time finds them making maple syrup, traveling to connect with family across the states, and hosting gatherings featuring Ms. Trueblood as chef de cuisine.  

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