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District Administration with our partner Thoughtexchange, will host
a live ed-chat for superintendents and district leaders centered
around the COVID-19 crisis response and planning.  Participants will spend time reflecting, brainstorming, and sharing proactive measures
for a successful 2020-2021 school year.


Event Overview

  • Welcome & Intros
  • Pulse Check Thoughtexchange- Share your concerns and
    challenges you are experiencing as leaders in this suddenly remote world
  • Inspiring / Important Stories Thoughtexchange- Share a story
    with the group that reflects on your experiences over the past
    few months
  • Breakouts powered by Thoughtexchange- Discover ways to
    improve district initiatives and processes for a successful start of school in the fall
  • Wrap-up & Appreciation


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Andy Krenz

Director of Education

Andy brings an eclectic wealth of life experience to Thoughtexchange. He has worked as a development consultant, youth worker, teacher, international humanitarian aid worker, personal fitness trainer, professional musician, and pastor. Andy is committed to helping people achieve their goals, to seeing people thrive, and to building community along the way. Andy is one part empathy, one part tenacity, and one part faith. He believes that all things are possible, especially the things that seem impossible. Andy loves outdoor adventures, music, sports, and serving at his church. He lives in Edmonton with his wife Andrea, and their two children.


Amy Dujon

District Administration Leadership Institute

Amy Dujon brings over 20 years of leadership and instructional expertise to District Administration. Originally from Texas, Amy moved to south Florida for college and has lived there for the past 24 years. Previously, her leadership focus has been helping schools and districts throughout the United States to implement research-based systems to foster school improvement and increase student achievement. Amy spent the first 18 years of her career in the 10th largest public-school system where she served in a variety of instructional positions including Director of Leadership Development, Principal, and teacher. She is the author of “ The Gritty Truth of School Transformation: 8 phases to instructional rigor” and speaks nationally on the topics of leading instructional transformation, standards based planning and pedagogy, feedback to change practice, and effective instructional leadership.

Amy oversees content development for our DA Leadership Institute programing and serves as lead for CAO summits. When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children.